My name is Daryl Bjarnason and together with a great group of friends and dedicated family we continue to explore the source of this amazing voice, and carefully steward it from original birthplace of centuries past into the hands of an eager musician you likely know.

To me, the story begins long before the times we each know. In reaches far removed from the towns, cities or farms we may call home. Places where time is measured in not in years, but centuries. Where mankind does often not track. Where time rolls on in serenity, and is yet completely untamed.

The alluring voice we’ve referred to is the result of a unique interplay of physics being reproduced each time we pluck a string, tap a key or draw a bow. Different materials offer different flavours in this recipe of sound, and the combination of these sounds produces the music we hear. As it relates to a musical instrument, the most fundamental component in this recipe is the soundboard. If you’ll look carefully, each instrument we’ve referred to has this key component and it is the source of the tone we perceive.

In order to be suitable for a soundboard, material must efficiently transmit the vibrations of a string into the air surrounding it. It is this “vibration” or rapid pressure fluctuation transmitted through air that we perceive as “sound”. Of course, it is always a strong priority to be visually appealing in the process.

Throughout the course of time, testing and the experience of luthiers and music lovers; Spruce, in its various forms, has risen to become the undisputed master of this role. Enter Music Spruce Canada…

We focus on the production of Engelmann Spruce, (picea engelmanni). It is regarded for its amazing tone combined with a beautiful white appearance. Whiter than all other spruces it meets the two top priorities sought after in a soundboard: Beautiful tone and striking appearance.

We service both wholesale and retail clientele, for manufacture into the instruments we commonly see on store shelves in North America. Our focus is, and always will be the recovery of maximum quality from the wood we process. We approach our work with an appreciation for the rare resource that we steward. If any industry made place for care in production, this is it.

At a pace where quality can be maintained, growth will continue. Our growth has been fueled by the genuine interest of our people and an inborn passion for the wood we produce.