From the time we assess a potential tree for its suitability in the production of tonewood, to the time it’s packaged for shipment, every step of our process is designed to extract the best qualities from the wood being processed. Continual refinement of our process for over 15 years results in the ability to produce consistent, high-quality soundboards.

We focus on:

  • Responsible stewardship, we realize the rare and valuable nature of the trees we process. Every step of our process respects this fact.

  • Amazing tone, listen to our finished products, you’ll hear the difference!

  • Minimizing runout, one of our key features being the ability to offer little to no color contrast at the glue-up line regardless of grade.

  • True quarter cut, generally limiting out at 10 degrees off vertical

  • Tight Grain, derived from slow-growing trees with consistent growth pattern.

  • White color, clean healthy trees from the right areas of the forest.

  • Consistent grading, maintaining repeatable value in each order.


  We produce Engelmann spruce into several products as follows:

  • Steel String guitar size (Western, Dreadnaught): bookmatched soundboards: 5mm x 220mm x 560mm

  • Classical guitar size (Nylon string): bookmatched soundboards, 5mm x 200mm x 560mm

  • Mandolin/ Violin carved top soundboards: bookmatched wedges, 29mm-6mm x 150mm x 405mm

  • Flat-top Mandolin/ Ukulele size: bookmatched soundboards, 5mm x 150mm x 435mm

  • Bracestock: split or sawn: 25mm+ x 75mm+ x 600mm




#2: (AAA 0r #1AAA)


#4: (AA-, LAA or #1A)


#1: (Master Grade)

#3: (AA or 1AA)

#6: (A or #2A)

#5: (A+, SA or #1A-)


#7: (A-, LA or #2B)

#8: (Paint or B)


Guitar soundboards are graded into 8 categories encompassing the complete range of criteria required to meet tonal, visual and economic expectations.

Graded soundboards are labelled according to our simple numbering system. Each grade correlates directly with industry standard grades, while reducing the confusion created from different naming conventions.


Our numbering is listed as follows with competitor cross-reference in brackets:


At times we cut tops with bearclaw figure or other unique and desirable features, these select tops are treated separately, graded first on basic wood quality according to soundboard grade criteria and then the unique feature is quantified on a 1-10 basis, 1 being considerable, 10 being amazing. Please inquire for available inventory.

Violin/Mandolin and bracestock products are categorized into 2 classifications: #2(Good) and #1(Best).

Contact us to discuss your own preferences further, we’re familiar with industry benchmarks and will work with you to meet your needs.

#3: (AA or 1AA) BEARCLAW

#4: (AA-, LAA or #1A) BEARCLAW

#5: (A+, SA or #1A-) BEARCLAW

#5 Bearclaw
#4 Beaclaw
#3 Bearclaw

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